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Celebrating 100 Years of Business since 1912

“Four generations of lumbermen”

In 1912, D.C. “Cash” Williams, founder of Williams Lumber Company, opened a saw mill in Elm City, NC. As the company began to grow other facilities were opened in Wilson and Rocky Mount, NC. Through selective logging and fire control, Williams Lumber Company, helped the Southern Lumber Industry lead the nation in preserving and utilizing what the forests grew.  

In 1945, the company closed its Rocky Mount facility and opened up a more efficient operation in Enfield, NC.  Joining the Wilco team was young Joe Haggerty and his brother Cash Haggerty, nephews of Cash Williams. During it’s time, the mill in Enfield produced lumber on a large scale and distributed strictly on a wholesale basis. All the old machinery was replaced with the most modern equipment devised for large logging operations and band mill lumber production. A new planing mill with the latest machinery was installed. 

After the sale of the Enfield plant in 1958, construction began on the mill in Mackeys, NC  which would begin production in 1960 as a Cypress and hardwood operation. In 1971 Joe’s son John Haggerty joined the company as well.

In 1983 Williams Lumber became a cypress producer only. Specializing in Cypress products became the main mission of all the Haggerty’s and Williams Lumber Company. CYPRESS products have been our only business for twenty-six years.

Fast forward to today….

John and his two sons, Joseph Haggerty and Shepard Haggerty, currently handle all operations of the business. As cypress wholesalers, we currently have the largest cypress inventory and surface more cypress than anyone in the industry. We specialize in truckload quantities of cypress products. We offer container, flatbed, and piggyback trucking. We take pride in our product quality and our ability to service all of our customers and their changing needs during troubling times. We welcome your inquiries.


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